The Best Kept Secret About Losing Weight While Gaining Muscles

Losing weight as extra fat while gaining muscles is what everyone dreams about, many think that it's impossible or unreal, but the science is clear and loud, understanding the mechanism of how your body creates fat will make things clearer. The body is an engine that needs fuel 24/7, so it is safe to say that the fats get burn as fuel, the problem is that fats are the last resort for the body to call as a fuel, misleading concepts make people wondering what diet they should believe in, i say don't believe in any diet, just follow these two simple principles down bellow and you'll get the wanted results :

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Following a low fat diet does not work

If you take the fats out of foods, it tastes like cardboard - so what do they do ? - they dump the food in sugar, thus you start getting first level fuel intakes, not only you give your body a big amount of first level calories, but you get sugar rushes, and your liver transform all the extra sugar into fat, ergo following a low fat diet makes your fat.

Following a high protein diet does not make you big

The trending norm, says that you need 2.5 grams per 1 Kg ... it's wrong, and right at the same time. The pro Bodybuilders can follow that norm, they train twice a day, each workout is so intense and last for hours, no vacations ... so they need a lot of protein intakes, in order to fix the damaged cells in their muscles, but for us amateurs, we don't need that much protein, training 4 or 5 times per week, working out for 2 hours max ...  the extra protein intake will be transformed into fat, and/or become residues, thus you will be wasting money and time, also your digestive system, and metabolism could get shocked and decrease their performance.