How To Get A Flat Stomach

The most popular way to get a flat stomach is to hit the floor for a billion crunches, 

right? hold your horses, power crunching alone isn't necessarily to best way to flatten 

your belly. Another misleading concept, that the majority think about,by training the abs 

directly will burn the fat in that area and tone the abs, if you believe in that concept you 

should rethink, and reprogram your method for getting a flat stomach, actually you can 

get toned abs without doing any exercise targeting the abs,  here are the top 2 principals 

you need to apply in order to get a flat belly:

Prevent Bloating

Sometimes you can have a very low percentage of body-fat, but no abs, that might be 

caused by a water retention, and the simple solution is to drink a lot of water, in order 

to flush away the extra water being hold by the body.

Lose Overall Body Fat

Your abs are always there, but they are hidden under the fat, so doing weightlifting 

compound  movements, or high peak fitness workouts will lower your body-fat, and gives 

you a flat tummy, it will take time of-course to lose that fat surrounding your middle 

section, however the results are guaranteed. Click this link and discover the best way to 

lose weight.

PS: Having a tiny bump on the lower section of the stomach is not a big deal, it means that your gut flora is healthy, don't believe the modeling posters ... there is a lot of Photoshop involved in the photo-shoots, and products called directs, the models take to look toned and lean.