Everyone wants great arms, rather you are a man or a woman, having great sculpted arms is a must. Training the guns has various patterns, you can find millions of articles lecturing about that. Depends on your goals, your body type, and the way you train, will give you different results, however, having proportional arms is main thing we have to consider. 

Before going any further, let us mention some mistakes that you could be doing. 

Over-training your arms can lead to injuries, you are already taking them to their limits while doing other compound movements, so training them once a week or even once every two weeks, is more than enough to give you great arms.

Lifting above your capacity will not give you good results. The arms has small muscles, they are designed for fast/mobility performance, thus a perfect form is required to get optimum results, also, respecting a good form will protect you muscles to get torn.  

Here is the best exercises for mass, strength, and sculpting your arms:


Barbell Curls: 5 SETS / 5-15 REPS (Progressive Overload)

Preacher Curls: 3 SETS / 8-10 REPS (Progressive Overload)

Hammer Curls: 2 SETS / 10 REPS (Progressive Overload)


EZ-Bar Skull-crusher: 6 SETS / 6-12 REPS (Progressive Overload)

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press: 3 SETS / 15 REPS (Progressive Overload)

Rope Press-down: 2 SETS / 10-15 REPS (Progressive Overload)