The Best Kept Secrets to Stay Fit and Healthy after your 40's

In view of the fact that the hormonal changes has mighty impacts, on the female and the male body, the principals of training and eating must know changes as well. In this article we will mention what happens to the body in your 40's and 50's, afterwards we will adduce the right solution for those particular changes. I made sure that this article is short enough, mentioning just the "core" of the main things you need to do. Another important thing needs to be mentioned before we proceedis your skin elasticity, here is an awesome article about skin care for fitness enthusiasts. 



Get low every decade by 2%, even if it's a low declination, it has a big impact.

Bones' Density: 

Get less dense by 1% every decade, it's a natural chemical reaction, caused by slow cells' dividend.


Declining because of stress and hormonal changes.The hormonal changes are loud and clear do without further ado, let's hit the part that matters, which is what you could do, in order to stop the declination of your metabolism, bones' density and your libido.


Strength Training: 

The best kind of training you can follow, is strength training, it allows you to maintain balance, protect your skeleton by giving your bones a healthy strong density, and especially boost your metabolism by 6%. Thus concentrating on big lifts, with low amount of reps will avoid you from injuries, while giving you the chance to furn a lot of "fuel", in order to lose the extra body-fat. 


Eating organic food that contain calcium and vitamin D will allow your bones to get denser, thus makes you feels stronger when you lift.Eat your proteins and healthy fats, to boost your mood and get rid of stress.