A Must Read Magical Tips About Chest Development

Chest is the muscle group which a lot of people spend hours upon hours working on. Day-
in and day-out people go to the gym, jump on the bench, and press until they faint, 
everyday is chest day for some of them, and that is the first mistake. It's not uncommon 
to see people simply doing flat bench presses for chest along with some flye movements.

To build an overall strong and well developed chest you need to do more than just a flat 
bench press. You need to hit the chest from different angles and stimulate and break 
down those fibers to see some growth. Thus, understanding the anatomy of the chest will 
be helpful for you to be aware of the impact of each exercise on your pecs' muscles

The chest is made up of two muscles: the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor 
The pecs are found attached to the humerus of the arm, right near the shoulder joint. 
The pecs then run across the front of the body and originate on the breastbone. The 
pectoralis major is attached to the front of the body on the rib cage. The pectoralis 
minor is found underneath the pectoralis major. It originates on the ribs and attaches up 
to the scapula, specifically at the coracoid process.The pectoralis major brings the 
humerus across the body while the pectoralis minor moves the shoulders forward.
The right qualities of a good healthy strong chest are : 

  • Thick pectoral muscle mass.
  • The inside/outside and the upper/lower pectorals are proportionally developed.
  • When you flex you want to be able to see striations.
  • When raising your arms up you want to make sure that you have enough thickness so your chest doesn't disappear.
The Workout 

Incline Dumbbell Press 5 Sets / 6-10 Reps (Progressive Overload)

Dips 2 Sets / 10-15 Reps

Barbell Bench Press 5 Sets / 8*6*3*2*1 (Progressive Overload | Hit Your Max)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes 4 Sets / 15 Reps ( for the first 3 sets, for the 4th set do it with light weight until failure)

Push-ups 3 Sets ( Wide Grip 30 Reps) + 3 Sets ( Close-grip 20 Reps)

Quick Tip : For the bench press, the safe grip width, is when the forearms are always parallel