The Most Common Fitness/Bodybuilding Mistake Almost Everyone Does

    There is multiple lists discussing the mistakes that guys do at the gym, many of them are 

linked to form, nutrition, or training in general. But there is a major mistake above those.

    There is a reason why few people have succeeded to sculpt their bodies, not because they are 

lucky, or genetically gifted, these late reasons are nothing compared with the amount of dedication 

they put into training. Quitting is the name of this mistake, that's the main reason why the majority 

don't reach their true potential, and there is a lot of variables controlling that, body-type, dedication, 

sacrifice ... etc, generally speaking, nobody can develop the wanted physic from an untrained 

individual to an advanced one in a short duration, it needs years of a non-stop training. Other sports 

may needs skills and talent, but building muscles or losing fat needs a blind raw dedication, no day 

offs, no whining ... just lifting and hitting the gym regularly, and that's how the one builds the 

momentum needed to achieve the wanted physic, once you quit after 1 year, 2 years or even ore, you 

lose that momentum, and somehow after a while you get motivated, and you hit the gym after a long 

rest, but you can't find that momentum, all of sudden you find yourself as an untrained individual 

again. Thus don't make this fatal mistake, don't ever quit no matter what, the changes come very 

slow, and the norm in building muscles are years not months.

Hannah Wendlandt

Jen Cook - Fitness Model